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Habs vs. Sens Top Six Minutes: Ottawa Typical


  • Even with Price out with the flu, I still feel confident in the Big Cubano Al Montoya in net.
  • It’s not truly hockey on Saturday unless Bob Cole is calling the game.

First Period

  • As expected the game is physical at first, and I’m all about Max Pacioretty throwing hits though.
  • Did you know Marc Methot’s nick name is “Meth”?
  • Because it is, and given his smile in the penalty box it’s fairly accurate.
  • Well at least that goal wasn’t shorthanded, or scored by Pageau?
  • Oh my word, that Galchenyuk lob pass to Pacioretty is the stuff of dreams.
  • The Habs new power play, or as I like to call it “Let the Man Mountain maim people with slapshots”.
  • And of course Zack Smith scores, if he only played against the Habs he’d have 82 goals a year.
  • Ending the period taking a penalty is a good sign right?/

Second Period

  • That Paul Byron, he’s got rockets for skates and I will accept no other answer for his speed.
  • Radulov sets up Pacioretty for a gorgeous scoring chance, which is negated by Chris Kelly tackling him in front of the net.
  • Oh hey there’s Chris Neil…Doing something stupid naturally.
  • I don’t think it’s good that the first time I noticed Alex Galchenyuk this period was during him taking a penalty.
  • The Big Cubano comes up massive on a crucial penalty kill!
  • I think Jeff Petry just microfractured Mark Stone’s face on that hit.
  • I now worry that Shaw is going to try and make a statement after getting into it with Smith during that scrum.
  • Why hello there Triple 7 line!
  • And immediately after I can see that Lehkonen is now playing on the fourth line and I am slightly annoyed.
  • And yup, that’s Paul Byron in the top six!/

Third Period

  • (All while I was trying to write something snarky and cynical)
  • Erik Karlsson with an all time great acting performance on the two “penalties” he drew this period.
  • What a massive penalty kill!
  • GOAL!
  • Dion Phaneuf, still very bad at hockey.
  • Jeff Petry returning to this line up pays dividends with another PP goal!
  • In a bit of delicious irony, that shot deflected off Pageau’s stick apparently.
  • Scored on by a former Hab to tie the game, Ottawa Typical.
  • We’re going to overtime! Who will be the Habs hero?
  • Phaneuf in OT for the Sens, it’s a bold move if you ask me, given he’s a traffic cone.
  • Okay, no one apparently, time for the skills competition!
  • Yeah that Desharnais shootout attempt about sums this game up.
  • But hey, three out of four points with our back up goalie is cause enough for me to celebrate!/


Jeff Petry gets the Habs on the board through a Lehkonen screen
Lehkonen scores his first goal as a Montreal Canadien(s fourth-liner)
Petry’s second gave the team its first lead

EOTP Three Stars

  1. The Blender is out, and fans are panicking.

2. That Petry goal however, is bringing out our inner science nerds

3. The horror, the horror.

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