Habs vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Showstopper at MSG

Secondary scoring chips in to make it 5 straight for Canadiens

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period

  • We’ve got the Ref Cam tonight! It kind of gives me motion sickness.
  • Looks like these guys are starting off exactly where things finished off last time. Montreal with great offensive pressure early.
  • Martinsen with a chance in front, but The King had other plans.
  • Jeff Petry’s face bounced off the boards and onto the end of a NYR’s stick. He’s off to the dressing room for repairs.
  • “You can tell the Canadiens have got their swagger back,” as they ice the puck.
  • In all seriousness, though, the Habs look great. Best start they’ve had in weeks.
  • Jordie Benn is going to score this evening. He’s had a few great shots already.
  • Shea Weber! Courtesy of Max Pacioretty... Steve Ott! 1-0 Habs with just under 7 minutes to go.
  • Can we all take a minute to give thanks for Carey Price? His ridiculous acrobatics in the dying minute of the first kept his team’s lead in place.
  • Time’s up! Habs lead after one! /

Second Period

  • Le Tricolore kick the second frame off by continuing to dominate the Rangers in the O-zone. I love Saturday nights.
  • Martinsen comes up big with a block and he’s rewarded with a warm reception at the bench.
  • Okay, the Rangers seem to have found their legs.
  • YES! Artturi Lehkonen  with an absolute beauty. The Prince is happy. 2-0 Canadiens.
  • Rick Nash just killed Carey Price.  Pardon me while I yell at my television.
  • Matters little. #31 is proving he’s in top form.
  • Alright, time to clear the zone, guys,
  • Lehks just had two straight chances.
  • Andrew Shaw with the wraparound puts them up by three! Henrik Lundqvist is going to want that one back. Tant pis, Henri.
  • Torrey Mitchell took a puck to the face, but remains on the bench.
  • Time runs out and the Canadiens are leading 3-0. What an evening. Let’s wrap it up in the third!/

Third Period

  • Pacioretty with two rebounds and Henrik stays strong.
  • And at the other end of the ice, Chris Kreider gets one past Carey. Boo.
  • Lundqvist flashes the glove on Ott. The fourth line is looking not too shabby.
  • Wait... Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe we’re in the third period and there has yet to be a penalty called?
  • Alright, Alexei Emelin. I think you owe Price a drink for that one. Ooph.
  • Seriously though, no penalties?
  • Brendan Gallagher just annihilated Lundqvist. The Rangers take offence. Time for a little 4 on 4.
  • Byron hooked. Habs to the powerplay!
  • Carey Price with attitude! #31 gives Miller a shove and a glare.
  • Habs win 4-1! I still love Saturday nights!/

Habs Highlight of the Night

Lehkonen connects to score his 12th of the year

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