Habs vs Leafs Top Six Minutes: IceCaps topple Toronto, again.

With even more AHL talent in the lineup, the Habs stood tall against a dangerous Toronto team.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Go IceHabs!
  • Matt Martin is a Mustard Tiger
  • Um, please don’t let anyone else get hurt?/

First Period

  • I literally got up to get a beer and Max Pacioretty has already scored
  • LOLOL Kadri, Radulov will eat you for breakfast,afternoon tea,second breakfast,and lunch if you try to fight him.
  • L’ARTTISTE! I absolutely love how this game is going already.
  • Oh, that Marner kid is pretty good eh? Now listen to Hughson fawn over him for three hours!
  • This should be fun, apparently the Leafs are going to score on every shot it seems.
  • And it just had to be Nazem Kadri didn’t it?
  • MANGOAL! His first NHL goal and I’m celebrating like he’s my son.
  • Only Don Cherry could proclaim that Canada is the best at hockey, not even a week after Canada lost to the US in a major tournament./

Second Period

  • Once again, I’m out of the room to start the period, come back to Radulov doing amazing things.
  • (This totally means the game ends 8-7 right?)
  • Michael McCarron does not like it when you poke at Carey Price, lesson learned right Josh Leivo?
  • I know some people aren’t big fans of Ryan Johnston, but the kid can skate like the wind, especially under pressure.
  • Oh look Matt Martin is fighting a rookie because he’s a Mustard Tigers.
  • Also, Farnham, love the heart, but maybe stick to your weight class.
  • Oh Zach Hyman, right after the fights, with Shea Weber on the ice you’re gonna try that?
  • Well at least the Habs and Leafs rivalry is fun again right?
  • I’ve seen this movie before, Habs ice it, Leafs score on a tired defensive group out there.
  • I’d like to know what sweet nothings Radulov was whispering to Kadri before that penalty call. /

Third Period

  • Weber gets an extra two minutes for extra leadership.
  • But Man Mountain Jr. scores! 5-3 Habs!
  • Can people please stop hurting our blessed Finnish prince?
  • I said please STOP hurting our players, Emelin now down, because no one is allowed to be healthy.
  • That’s the first time I’ve noticed Auston Matthews all night, which means he’s going to score any minute now.
  • Get out of here Carey Price, good god man that’s not even fair!
  • I’m not mad at that Weber penalty, more impressed he managed to shatter his stick over Komarov.
  • Habs win 5-3 and Mike Babcock has still not beaten the Habs since taking over in Toronto. /

EOTP Three Stars

3.Pun Game Strong

2. I think I can get behind this strategy

  1. I’m not superstitious, I am however a little stitious

Habs Highlight of the Night:

Nikita Scherbak’s first NHL goal is a beauty

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