Habs vs. Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: A slippery slope

The Habs out-shot and out-hit but didn’t out-goal

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Radulov is still under the weather so Charles Hudon makes his season debut with the Habs.
  • Last time I wrote the TSM, the Habs had their most horrifying loss of the season. Of many seasons actually. A 10-0 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, with Big Al going down with the ship.
  • Tonight the Habs face the Carolina Hurricanes and need a win because if not: /

(1) It will be three losses in a row, thus creating a “losing streak”

(2) Montoya may psych himself out about the curse of Carey Price’s backup, and never regain his confidence

(3) But most importantly, I will be known as the TSM jinx

1st Period:

  • And we’re off!
  • The Habs start off with pressure in the Hurricane’s zone, almost slipping one past Cam as everyone invades his space.
  • Montoya misplays the puck and we’re reminded that he’s not nearly as good a puck handler as Carey Price. Good thing he can’t hear you, Jason York.
  • Chris Terry with a loud ping off the post!
  • Jeff Skinner with one off the crossbar, up in the air, knocked off Terry’s stick and ...not in the net! Montoya installed a force field around the net. Good thinking Al. I’m completely on board with this.
  • Weber heads off for slashing. Time for a short-handed Byron goal.
  • Stempniak hit top corner. The crowd cheers. The horn blows. The light flashes. But the puck is...on the outside of the net. Lovin’ this force field Al. /

2nd Period:

  • Nice, clean hit by Terry sends Derek Ryan twirling into the air. Terry is in it to win it against his old team tonight.
  • Some good pressure from the Habs preventing Carolina from getting a line change.
  • Petry hammers the puck in to make it 1-0!
  • But, Carr kinda knocked Ward over so here comes a coaches challenge. Excuse me while I grab a power nap.
  • Take a bow on that Oscar award winning performance Cam, Ben Bishop would be proud. But Carr was cross-checked so no goaltender interference.
  • Petry with his first goal since notching two during opening night and Hudon grabs the assist./

3rd Period:

  • Did I miss a penalty? Why does it seem like Carolina is on a power play?
  • Skinner redirects the puck with off his skate, fooling Montoya and tying it up.
  • It’s the Habs turn to challenge. These refs must have somewhere to be tonight. Seconds later the results are in and the call on the ice stands.
  • It seems this has excited the Hurricane’s. They’re all over the Canadiens.
  • Deep breath fellas. Don’t get spooked. Hit the button on the force field Montoya!
  • Another redirect gives the Hurricane’s a 2-1 lead. A quick review to see if it’s a high stick but good goal.
  • Are the ref’s just toying with us? Sure, we’ll review. Get your hopes up a little, but we’re not going to call the goal back. Muahahaha...
  • Hurricanes notch another one less than two minutes later. Sorry Al, that one wasn’t a redirect. It was pretty...direct.
  • Shaw and his mustache tips one in to give the Habs some new life!
  • Gallagher off the post. They’re not going down without a fight.
  • Well Montoya...turns out, we just don’t make a good pair. /

Habs highlight of the night:

Charles Hudon gets his first point of the year:

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