Habs vs Capitals Top Six Minutes: Outgunned and Outdueled

Billed as a battle of the goalies, Holtby, Ovechkin, and the Capitals overwhelm the Habs

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Lars Eller returns to the Bell Centre, Ovie could tie Maurice Richard in Montreal, and I am helplessly conflicted.

First Period

  • It’s still surprising when someone other than Carey Price wins the Carey Price Cup.
  • Eller is in the starting lineup, and I’m just over here crying. Don’t mind me. Yes I’m watching the Caps broadcast because Eller.
  • I really like Petry too, Mr. announcer man!
  • The Eller line causing chaos. Why does that sound familiar...
  • Habs...you’re going to need to get more than one shot to beat the Holtbeast....please do something about that.
  • This is going to be a 1-0 OT game isn’t it...
  • ...or not. Bah. Backstrom scored. I guess he’s kind of good.
  • Speaking of being good, Lehkonen had a really dandy chance there.
  • Habs...you’ve really gotta shoot more./

Second Period

  • Dear Habs, please get the puck out of your own end!
  • Eller wants a goal very badly. I want Eller to have a goal very badly. But if he gets a goal the Habs are down by two...and I don’t like the idea of having to score three against Holtby. =/
  • That Radulov forecheck! Oh my!
  • Eller and Plek against each other in the faceoff makes me sad. This was not how it was supposed to be.
  • Uhg Farnham. Please stop. This was unnecessary. Very unnecessary.
  • Good lord, Paulie, I’m very glad you’re back.
  • #AlmostBobby
  • Habs, you’re being outshot almost 2-1.
  • Washington, if you broke Nate, I will not forgive you. Even if it was just an errant shot.
  • Ah the cycle work of Eller and his line. :D
  • Um...I mean Habs, don’t let the Capitals cycle in your own end like that!
  • Shutout, shutout, shutout, shutout, shutout.
  • Oh my that flurry of chances to end the period./

Third Period

  • Well, a power play is a good way to start the period.
  • I’m glad they’re giving Mango power play time.
  • For two such normally exciting teams, this is a very boring game.
  • That goalpost is going to haunt us forever isn’t it...
  • Oh Patch....Oh Jeff...really??
  • ...Well that’s really not what you want at all. That’s the second very un-Price-like goal allowed tonight.
  • Emelin lost control of the puck, and it still turned into a scoring chance for the Habs.
  • Holy crap, I did not realize Pacioretty had 14 goals in 16 games! That’s impressive
  • Ahhhhhhh Radu, really??
  • Oh lord. Ovie. Of course he gets the Rocket tying goal against the Habs.
  • So what was a close game until the third ends 4-1 for Washington./

EOTP Three Stars

1. How many of them were against Montreal? Feels like a lot of them.

2. The post that will haunt Habs fans’ dreams...

3. You tried

Habs Highlight of the Night:

Price stands tall to deny a barrage of shots

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