Canadiens @ Canucks Top Six Minutes: A split out West

Artturi Lehkonen and Sam Montembeault had good nights, but they weren’t enough to lift the Habs to victory.

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So they beat the Oilers. Here’s to hoping they can repeat the performance against the Oilers! I’m personally hoping for a Gally goal.

Instead of the game that never ends, this may be the one that never begins.

First Period

  • OOoh power play right away!
  • Welp, they tried.
  • Please don’t break Romanov.
  • Anderson gets knocked over and still plays the puck. You love to see it.
  • What a stop by Montembeault!!
  • Oh god, you could see that one coming from a MILE away.
  • That was almost a beautiful goal./

Second Period

  • Once again, Montembeault is the only one who is on top of things.
  • Please don’t break Gallagher...
  • OH Cole.
  • Sigh.
  • Still Montembeault holding the fort here.
  • That’s it, I declare that Prince Artturi is now King Artturi.
  • GET THE ONCE AND FUTURE FINN THE HAT TRICK. (Ok, really gotta come up with something better than that.)

Third Period

  • Oh god. It was going just fine, and then that happened. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  • Oh Jeff.
  • This would be the ideal time for another Lehkonen goal. Just saying.
  • This game is NOT getting better as time goes on.
  • That was a beautiful almost pass from Poehling. That was a great shift.
  • Damn it. Poehling did all that work, and then THAT happened.
  • Ok power play, please do not suck.
  • UHG just get Lehk that goal please.
  • Or Gally. That would be good too.
  • I guess the good news is that it wasn’t a catastrophe. The bad news is they didn’t score either.
  • HOLY SHIT. Pulling the goalie WORKED.
  • That was QUITE a shot. Good on Pitlick.
  • Haha gotta love all those red jerseys in the stands.
  • And now Kulak is hurt. Oh joy.
  • Where were these Habs for most of the third period.
  • Oops. I take it back.
  • Dang, Montembeault again.
  • Uhg. Empty netter. Well, I guess on the plus side, we won’t be awake for ever going to OT and the shoot out.
  • Habs fall 5-3./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Some work is still needed on defence it seems

2) Better luck next year

1) Still happy that there’s no later start than 7:30 going forward, however

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