Habs vs. Bruins: What are your Round 1 predictions?

Ok folks, let's here what you have to say about the upcoming playoff matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins.

Will it be a sweep by the Habs, or gasp...the Bruins, or will the two teams take it all the way to a seventh game? After last season's playoffs, you never know what to expect.

The way you read things in some media write-ups, you'd think the Bruins beat the crap out of the Canadiens in all six regular season games. This QMI report is a perfect example that hopefully they correct.

"The Habs took four of the six games against the Bruins this season, but dropped their last two by scores of 8-6 and 7-0. The last three were intense, fight-filled affairs."

Those two Bruins wins aside, the Canadiens were the dominant team through the regular season, which means they know how to handle the brute force tactics of the Bruins. Most importantly, and much like a Habs fan trying to buy a beer at a Boston bar, the Bruins couldn't buy a point at the Bell Centre this season.

There's still a few days to set up Game One, but in the meantime let's get the general consensus from you on how it will end up.

My prediction: Habs in six

Who will win?

Habs in Seven59
Habs in Six170
Habs in Five24
A Habs SWEEP!14
Bruins in seven13
Bruins in six76
Bruins in five39
Just what the Chowderheads would love - A Bruins sweep29

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