Canadiens vs. Blues Top Six Minutes: Blue Devilled

Shea Weber is back in a big way, but his two goals weren’t enough to keep the streak going.

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After that crazy 10-1 blow out against Detroit, I can't help but feel this game is either going to go really well, or really badly...

*sees the starting line up*


First Period

  • Yikes.
  • Well. It's barely half way into the first, and these two teams are already cranky. Simmer down guys, simmer down.
  • Price just saved their butts on that short-handed breakaway...
  • Oh hey, great typical Shea Weber goal! ...from JORDIE BENN??? YES PLEASE. #FearTheBeard
  • Gally's stick is exploded on a slash...aaaand no call.
  • Holy back-check Rosie!
  • Uhg imagine if Charles had capitalized on that.
  • That was a really quick first period???/

Second Period

  • I say again, yikes.
  • So you know that thing I said about going really badly? That. Where was literally anyone on that left side??
  • And here we were thinking giving up two quick goals was a thing we finally put behind us...
  • Can we please go back to playing the Red Wings?
  • Gally. Gally, you're so much better than this...Habs, you're better than this...
  • That wasn't a half-bad PK!
  • Lol goalies losing skate blades is even more entertaining than a player losing a skate-blade.
  • Hey Habs, playing not in your own end might be a good thing to try this period.
  • Habs why are you a disaster?
  • On the other hand, Wes McCauley is great.
  • That sure woke the Habs right up./

Third Period

  • Hi Carry, thank you for saving us.
  • You get a penalty! You get a penalty! Everyone gets a penalty!!!
  • Everything is awful. I'm not a mercurial Habs fan at all.
  • Oh come on Mike. You've said that, and now Tarasenko is gonna score.
  • Well, at least he didn't score?
  • Habs lose 4-3, which is honestly much less bad than it looked like it'd be earlier in the game./

Highlight of the Game

Clearly, Shea Weber used the Force (after all, that's what it's there for).

EOTP 3 Stars

3. A good, balanced job by Mike Johnson on TSN tonight.

2. No respect for Isaac Newton.

1. From RyanWalters’ fingers to the Habs’ sticks. You may need to add to your course load.

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