Habs Video and pre All-Star Daily Links

Well the NHL All-Star weekend has begun. Starting tonight, we will see latest attempt by the NHL to make the game of any interest, with the new draft format of selecting teams for the respective squads.

I'll likely be sorting my sock drawer, in lieu of watching Eric Staal and Nicklas Lidstrom pick teams on TSN. Can you beleive they are doing mock drafts for this thing?

We'll have some other features on the All-Star game - past and present - up over the weekend, but since there won't be any major activity between now and then in the Montreal Canadiens camp, I dug up some interesting bits and pieces for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Not for Scott Gomez supporters: But a clever bit from Dennis Kane

A look at the Canadiens defense corps, he said/she said style at HabsAddict.

Lions in Winter has an interesting look at numbers and facts on the Canadiens in the All-Star Game.

On a musical note: AllHabs has put together a soundtrack for the 2010-11 Canadiens.

HockeyGods.com may be my new favourite site. They've been getting some great recognition as of late, have a great navigation bar to all the major and international hockey leagues,

One of their most popular videos is this parody of Rihanna and Eminem.

Their latest is a new parody of Enrique Iglesias, focusing on the teams "Highly Unlikely" to win the Cup.

Did I mention attractive women in hockey jerseys?

New Habs video: While P.K. Subban and Carey Priceare off to Raleigh, HabsTV asked some of their teammate what they have planned for the All-Star break. Given the teams busy schedule in December, this is the first real rest period for the players to spend time with their families.

HabsTV also put together the Top-5 hits of the season after the first 50 games. Guess who number one was..

Will you watch the NHL All Star Game?

Some of it, or maybe the Skills Competition18

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