Habs Twitter Draft: Pre-draft Interviews - Part 1

As you know, this Tuesday night, EOTP will be holding a Habs Twitter draft. If you missed it, <a href="https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2013/9/17/4729914/introducing-the-first-annual-habstwitterdraft-habs-canadiens-nhl">details are here</a>. In anticipation of the draft, I decided to go out and int

Here are the questions I asked:
1. Would you prefer to be drafted by Andrew or Arik, and why [I obviously asked this question because I wanted everyone to say Arik and make Andrew mad.]?
2. If drafted, what would you bring to the table?
3. If you were a food, what kind of food would you be?
4. Have you done any training during the offseason to prepare you to tweet once the season starts?
5. Besides yourself, who (Habs-related) would you recommend people follow on Twitter?

First up, @habsgirl4life:

1. Arik. Mostly to piss off Andrew. I'm THAT awesome. He would be crushed.
2. I'm all about the quotes. Post-game home games locker room quotes, coach's presser and press conferences. I'll also have the occasional sarcastic thought and insightful commentary, and final scores of games around the league. But be warned, late at night, I turn on my LA Kings fangirl mode.
3. Bacon. I answer every food related question with bacon. You can NEVER go wrong with bacon
4. Yes. Thumb push-ups and crunches, twice a day.
5. This could be a very long list. John Lu - Arpon Basu - Dan Kramer - Mike_Habs - Guillaume Lefrançois - Habslinks - Brian Wilde - HabsWatch. I follow almost 700 people and more than half of them are Habs-related, but I'll stop here because it's hard to cut the list down and 30 Rock is about to start.

Then we have @HabItHerWay:

"I'm so excited to get Phil Kessel'd at this draft you have no idea."
1. I'm just happy to be here, and like, just to make it to the draft is a dream come true since I was a little kid writing hockey tweets in my driveway with my friends, and I know that my parents are proud of me and they worked hard for me to get here, driving me to Twitter practice and stuff...
2. I'm a two-way player. Sometimes I'll write puns and stuff about hockey or make disparaging remarks about Claude Giroux's beard. Other times I'll tweet about cats or sitcoms or the ridiculous foods I eat.
3. Nutella.
4. I've been working out my thumbs and my wrists to get ready to type a lot, and I've been spending extra time with my cats so they're cool with me ignoring them during hockey.
5. I would absolutely recommend that everybody follows @bebek1ng because she is hysterical, and her Twitter is basically just a better version of mine. Also follow @DanKramerHabs, who's like a total brainiac about Habs and Bulldogs things.

Next, it's @kyleroussel:

1. Isn't that a bit like being asked whether I want to be drafted by Carlton the Bear or Spartacat?
2. I made some pretty good cookies once...I can bring those to the table. I otherwise tweet a lot about hockey, sometimes about comics and lately, making fun of the PQ.
3. Why does everyone always ask me that? I used to say a meatball sangweech, but now nowadays I'll say a jalapeno burger.
4. I'm not even supposed to be here today! (Look up the reference if you don't get it)
5. This one's simple. Scroll my timeline during a Habs game. Follow the level-headed, polite and engaging people. Avoid the lunatic fringe. Your blood pressure will thank you later.

Followed by @HeyMyMameIsWill:

1. Andrew, because he seems like the type of person who would hire goons to visit me at a late hour to find out why I didn't pick him. Arik seems like a sweet, young boy who would understand. I'm really just looking out for myself here.
2. I generally like to bring observational commentary that seems a lot funnier in my head, but doesn't translate nearly as well on Twitter. I also like to poke fun at the opposing team's fans and pretend I have a better grasp on fancy stats than I really do. Seriously, why anyone follows me is a goddamned mystery.
3. I would be sushi because it only takes a small amount of fill you up and I'm not nearly as satisfying after your initial experience.
4. Yes. I have made various snarky and disparaging comments about Marc Bergevin's garbage off-season signings to ready myself for snarky and disparaging comments about the team during the regular season.
5. @Drdougboston and Arik both remain criminally under-followed in my eyes.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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