NHL Trade Deadline - What should the Canadiens add?

Right now the Canadiens are on a cloud, but with the trade deadline looming, preparing for rockier times might be a good idea.

The Canadiens sit at the top of the Eastern Conference over halfway through the season, something Marc Bergevin likely didn't even think was possible. From Bergevin's moves so far this year, it's fairly apparent that he wants to be a big player in free agency this summer.

But with the way Canadiens are playing, they have a legitimate shot at contending for the cup this season. Bergevin has said multiple times that he's taking the long view, but the results speak for themselves, and he may have to reevaluate.

So with the deadline looming in under a month, where could Bergevin improve the team?

Rene Bourque is still out indefinitely, but there are hints that Raphael Diaz will be back soon. Injuries can strike at any time, at any position, so where would you like to see the Habs improve their depth?

What position should the Canadiens target in a trade to add depth for a playoff run?

Left Wing78
Right Wing65
Leave the team as is88

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