Top Six Minutes - #GeneralBest Edition as the Canadiens beat the Devils

Your quick recap of tonight's game between the Montreal Canadiens and the New Jersey Devils.

• Tonight, Martin Brodeur was scored on by Ryan White and Brandon Prust, and Vincent Lecavalier fought Luke Schenn. The Sabres were still unwatchable, though, so there's no need to adjust your television.
• Maybe Rene Bourque knows Chris Boyle and I put a bounty out on him and is getting scared. I have no other explanation for him not sucking. But I like it.
• If only he could hit the net.
• Shots were 16-7 for the Habs in the first. What?
• Then I realized this was a Devils game so I turned it off.
• Okay not really, and I stole that joke from Andrew.
• This just in, tripping Rene Bourque is legal now. Spread the word. Seriously WTF.
• I was going to write about how Brandon Prust was having a not-so-great game, but Alex Galchenyuk redeemed him.
Andrei Markov and Tomas Plekanec are giving me the feels. Especially Markov.
• So the Devils deserved exactly zero percent of their first two goals.
Erik Cole's gotta wake up soon, right?
• Okay I guess that inspired play in OT is a good sign.
• Hey that Galchenyuk kid is kind of okay, eh?
• According to Berkshire, Markov has scored all three of the game-winning goals this season.
• Comment of the night from Stephan Cooper: "How smart is Markov. He knew Bourque would miss."
• From now on, we're going to feature the Top 3 recommended comments from the game threads in this recap, so make sure you use headings on your comments and always rec the ones you really like.
• I always like to err on the side of pessimism, and the two teams the Habs beat before tonight aren't very good, but I'm prepared to say the Habs will finish better than I expected this season. Somebody call Baruchel.

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