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Top Six Minutes – Airplane Pun Edition as the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Winnipeg Jets

So I survived a game night alone without blowing up the site but I’ve been fighting a vicious migraine all night so the Top Six Minutes will be super short.

• Honest question: am I the only one who thought Peter Budaj should have played tonight and Carey Price should be playing in Ottawa tomorrow?
• Yeah, he got the win which is what we care about, but he did not play well. Can’t wait for Chris Boyle’s review.
• You know a lot’s going on in a game when the Bell Centre crowd on the TV makes your living room sound like a barn.
• Anyway, let’s find out who switched out the goal creases in favour of vats of molasses and punch them.
• My Rene Bourque feelings are quickly shifting to David Desharnais.
• And instead Rene Bourque is receiving some of my Tomas Plekanec feelings.
• I can’t recall a time when I didn’t think Olli Jokinen was evil personified.
• ALL OF THE PENALTIES. On both sides.
• Some really stupid ones, too.
Brandon Prust is like Maxim Lapierre but likeable.
• What a hit by Alexei Emelin on Mr. Moneyphones. And everyone else.
• Good to see Erik Cole and Rene Bourque finally hit the back of the net. As always, not good to see Nik Antropov. I hate that guy.
Andrei Markov is so good, we’re going to need to invent a new fancy stat for him.
• Your top 3 comments of the night: 3. The lovely Becca H from Japer’s Rink brought us an Olli Jokinen gif, 2. HeyMyNameIsWill with a Gorges-Gally line, 3. HeyMyNameIsWill again, with another excellent line those of you who are on Twitter will appreciate.

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