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Canadiens rookie camp day 3 post scrimmage interviews & transcripts

A few Habs prospects talked to the media after the first scrimmage of rookie camp. What did they say? We've got you covered.

Bill Wippert
Jeremy Gregoire

On the difference between this year and last year:

"Well it's great experience, last year I was a bit more shy, so now it's the first game and I wanted to make a good first impression. I did pretty well for a first game."

On the crowd:

"Montreal's the greatest NHL market. For a French Canadian like me, growing up watching Montreal, it's a great feeling seeing all the fans here reunite."

On what parts of his game he showcased:

"Well, I wanted to prove to everybody that I've really improved my skating this summer. And just flying by a couple of times, that was the goal I wanted to attain."

On the intensity of the scrimmage:

"It was good. I think with some hard tests this morning, the first period was something, speed-wise, but I kept the pace and I'm pretty happy with that."

Tim Bozon

Michael McCarron

On how he approached the scrimmage:

"I think it's a little bit more tough to play my kind of game in this kind of game, but I threw my body around a little bit today, and I was smart about it, and I used my speed. I thought I was pretty quick out there taking pucks to the net, that's my kind of game."

On how he has to play:

"I'm just planting myself in front of the net, that's where I'm gonna make the bucks. I gotta be there, and play dirty, and score those grimy goals."

On the difference between development camp and rookie camp:

"You know what? I think it's a little bit quicker here, because development camp is in the middle of the summer and not everyone is in tip top shape like they are now. Everybody comes here in the best of shape, and ready to roll, and so excited to play, so it's a lot faster here. Pucks are moving better, and it's kind of more of a fun game too."

On if being in better shape showed today:

"Yeah, absolutely. I felt pretty quick out there. I was moving the puck and going to the net, and I felt a lot stronger in front of the net, not getting pushed over too easily, and in taking pucks to the net from the corner, so I felt a lot better out there today."

Jiri Sekac

On if the players are tired:

"Definitely. We all need a couple of days off, or at least one, because all the guys are pretty young, so one day should be enough to get back in shape."

On why he chose Montreal, because for some god damn reason this needs to be asked every time he meets the media:

"It was a gut feeling. Everyone was telling me the same thing. If this team or that team had a bigger chance for me to play, don't just go there for a bigger chance to play. Everyone told me to go to the team that I feel I should be playing for. That's why I picked Montreal."