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Canadiens rookie camp day 3 interviews & transcripts

Find out what the Habs' prospects had to say after day three of practicing at rookie camp.

Jamie Sabau
Charles Hudon

Jacob de la Rose

On the difference between rookie camp and development camp:

"Well it's kind of the same as the development camp, so it's kind of the same, almost the same players. It's a really good camp and it's been a tough start here, but I'm really looking forward for the season to start."

On if the Canadiens told him to work on anything specific after development camp:

"No, I'm focused on getting better all around. I have to get better at everything."

On how hard it is to make your mark while knowing you shouldn't hurt anyone:

"I think everyone is here to compete to try to make the roster. It's a tough game out there and everyone tries to do their best, and I'm one of those guys too, you know? It's all I can do to show how good I am out there every time I'm on the ice."

On if he has expectations for the scrimmage:

"No. Like I said I just try to do my best and hopefully my team will win."

Mac Bennett

On his approach to his first rookie camp:

"You know I'm just trying to soak everything up, kinda taking it one day at a time. It's my first year as a pro, and everything is just kind of a learning experience. If I can take it one day at a time, I'll be good."

On if his summer training changed when turning pro:

"Not really. I was at Michigan in Ann Arbor, back at school all summer, it was nice I didn't have to take class this time around. You know, wake up every morning, work out, skate, then either lay by the pool or play golf, and literally I would do that every day, all summer. I think it prepared me really well for this camp."

On what his focus was in training:

"The first half of the summer was kinda devoted for to get bigger, gain weight. So it was a lot of strength stuff, and it was a little bit less tempo. Then after development camp I had to pick my cardio up, so we put a little bit more into the program, and I was running more, and I was skating more. Right now I think I'm in the best shape of my life."

On what the Habs told him to focus on at development camp:

"I had my exit meeting at development camp, and they asked me 'So, what do you think?' And I said, 'I'm strong but I'm out of shape', and they said 'Yeah, you're right, that's exactly what we thought.' But that was the plan all along, so I told them that I was going to go back and get back in shape in terms of cardio and they were really happy with that."

On what he wants to showcase at camp:

"My skating. That's my best ability, I think that's the reason why I'm here. I just have to make sure that every time I step out on the ice I'm moving my feet."

On whether he's spoken to the Bulldogs coaching staff:

"A little bit, yeah. I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be a good year."

On his thoughts about the Bulldogs:

"I mean, we're going to have a pretty solid d-core from what I can see. Everyone can play, everyone can skate. It's going to force me to raise my level of play."

On if he's interacted with any NHL guys yet:

"Not too many. I mean, Greg Pateryn I'm really close with, so I've been around him a little bit, but other than that not too many."

On what Pateryn has told him:

"He's just said to play my game. He knows I can skate and make that good first pass. He says 'Don't try to do anything that you're not normally used to doing, just go out there and play your game, and hopefully everything will fall into place.'"

On if his college coaches have continued to help him after graduation:

"Yeah, I saw Red (Berenson) a few times a week when I was back there training, and I asked him before I came out, 'Do you have any pointers for me? What should I do?' And he was like, 'Just do exactly what you did here, and play like you're still wearing the C on that jersey. If you do that, if you do all the right things, you'll be okay.'"

On Martin Lapointe's advice for him:

"He wants me to be a little bit grittier. You know, I think especially as this last season went on, I did that more and more. Me being as big as I am right now, when I got drafted I was maybe 180 pounds soaking wet, I'm almost 200 pounds right now, so I gotta be able to throw that around a little bit."

On whether he's feeling more at ease in Montreal over time:

"Absolutely. This is my, I think, fifth year that I've been up to Montreal. This is my first rookie camp, obviously, but fifth year I've been here, and every year I've become more and more comfortable. All I've got to worry about is when I step on the ice, and I've just gotta play hockey."