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Charles Hudon shines at Habs rookie camp

It took until the second period of the scrimmage for him to break out, but Charles Hudon made a huge impression today at rookie camp.

Jamie Sabau

Early in the second period of the scrimmage, Charles Hudon decided that his team trailing by two goals was a bad thing, so he took the puck and deked himself around the entire offensive zone until he was back up at the blueline, cleared his checker and made a beeline to the net and beat Peter Delmas with a wicked wrister.

Team White couldn't complete the comeback, but they evened the score in the shootout with goals from Steven Quailer and Hudon again. Luckily this time I was prepared and got video of it with my Iphone.

I was also able to capture Quailer's goal, and although he was generally unimpressive during the scrimmage, his goal was nice.

Hudon impresses me every time I get the chance to watch him. He's still recovering from his back injury, apparently, but Marc Bergevin told Renaud Lavoie of TVA that it was not something that worried him. To date injures haven't been something that Bergevin has been cagey about in any real way, so I think that's a positive note.

If Hudon can get over his injuries, he's going to be an NHL player. The hockey sense this young man has is simply phenomenal, and the skill is top notch as well. He has that 'bring you out of your seat' quality to his game that will make him a fan favourite.

More details to come on the positives and negatives for each player at the rookie camp later today.