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Danny Kristo talks about his experience at the University of North Dakota

Danny Kristo is about to graduate from university after 4 years of NCAA dominance, here he reflects on his time there.

A lot was made of Danny Kristo electing to take a fourth year in the NCAA and finish his college degree, especially around comments he made about wanting to win the championship at that level.

Some fans thought it odd that a young player would value a college championship over the chance to be in the NHL, but here, Kriso and the other graduating UND seniors shed some light on the philosophy of the Fighting Sioux, and how your perspectives change while on the team.

Kristo is currently leading the Sioux in scoring with a career high 20 goals in 30 games, and 43 points overall. He has 152 points in 147 games in the NCAA in his career thus far, including 62 goals.

Kristo's biggest assets are his speed and ability to make plays while in full flight. He has a deadly wrist shot and can make plays as well as anyone at the college level.

Kristo is on a current scoring streak of 7 games, with 6 goals and 6 assists over that time.