Habs Money on the Board signup form

A fun way to raise money for a good cause while rooting for your favourite team.

Join us in raising funds for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, who provide a better and healthier future for disadvantaged children all across Quebec. This year we’re going to run a Habs Money on the Board (MoTB) pledge drive. Essentially, the plan is to collect funds by pledging to donate when a certain event takes place.

For example, you can pick goals from Alex Galchenyuk and pledge $1 for every one. If he ends up with 35 goals, you would donate $35. Or you can risk your fortune and pledge $2 for every goal Marie-Philip Poulin scores for Les Canadiennes this year.

The options are limitless. If there’s an event and a team/player/coach not listed in the form, feel free to add your own idea.

The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation reached out to us when they heard about the initiative, and they’re very happy to be on board with the project.

I will send out statements at the end of November if people would rather donate in time for a 2016 tax receipt, or you can make one donation once the season is over. It’s up to you.

Here’s the pledge form:

I thank you all for your generosity, and hopefully the Montreal Canadiens will force us to donate an impressive sum of money to a great cause!

In order to promote the campaign and get all Habs fans involved, please also tweet your pledge to @HabsMoTB on Twitter, and use the hashtag #HabsMoTB.

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