Habs fans hug Zdeno Chara for a Big Mac.

What would you do for free McDonald's?

You may remember last season when Max Pacioretty trolled Bruins fans in a commercial for his McDonald's burger.

This time, the tables are turned, and it's Zdeno Chara that surprised Habs fans in the most recent commercial:

Habs fans are asked what they would do for a Big Mac, and once the obvious answers are out of the way, they're asked if they would give Zdeno Chara a hug.

Imagine seeing this gigantic man turn the corner. I wouldn't be sure whether to run or cower in fear.


Of course, most fans gave in, and ended up hugging the gentle giant.

I hope those fans know that by the laws of hockey, they now belong to Chara, and will have to do his bidding.

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