Groulx still miffed at Melanson (and other links)

Some links to make your Friday morning go quicker so we can get to the weekend!

Remember when Pierre Groulx was fired and he hadn't even finished packing his bags before Rollie Melanson trashed him mercilessly? Well Groulx hasn't forgotten, and unsurprisingly he's still not happy about it. As he describes it in this interview with Dave Stubbs, that hurt more than actually getting fired.

Putting aside how unprofessional Melanson's statements were, being trashed by a peer can really kill your reputation. It wasn't even a day before the statements Melanson made were being repeated as a reason for Groulx's dismissal. Once a narrative catches on, it has a stranglehold on the way a topic is discussed.

Tinordi has one goal in mind this year, and it's to make the Canadiens. [CBC]

The always awesome Chris Peters is at Team USA's U20 camp, and he talks about hopefuls Michael McCarron and Brady Vail. [United States of Hockey]

Speaking of McCarron, James Stephan did a write up on him too. [The Hockey Guys]

A bit of with the top 10 Habs goal celebrations of all time. [The Hockey Writers]

Remember when the Habs traded for that Christian Thomas guy? Well here's a profile on him. [Bulldogs]

The Bulldogs also signed local guy Drew Schiestel, a second rounder in 2007. [The Spec]

The competition between Eller and Desharnais may heat up next year. [Engels]

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David Malinowski wrote a fanpost about the bankruptcy in Detroit. [Winging it in Motown]

Florida signed Scott Gomez. [Litter Box Cats]

In a continuing effort to pick up the riff-raff of their division, Alexander Calloway says the Panthers should try sign Tim Thomas too. [Litter Box Cats]

The Senators got way better this summer but they're still crying about Daniel Alfredsson. [Silver Seven]

Kurt R. looks at whether or not Steve Mason can improve... Heh. [Broad Street Hockey]

A large percentage of Jackets fans actually want Jack Johnson to be the next captain. [The Cannon]

Martin Brodeur will have to share the crease for the first time since he was a rookie, Karen Meilands muses on how that will shake out. [In Lou We Trust]

Remembering Ziggy Palffy, who might be the most underappreciated superstar in hockey history. [Lighthouse Hockey]

A Sharks scout explains that they manually count Corsi when evaluating prospects. [Fear the Fin]

Are the Jets building on a foundation that isn't worth building on? [Arctic Ice Hockey]

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Travis Yost writes what may be the story of the summer, the negligence around Boogard. [Hockey Buzz]

Sean McIndoe (DGB) talks about how bad Toronto's offseason has been. [Grantland]

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