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  • There's a fair bit of roster news to report and most of it is depressing. Brian Gionta will undergo season ending surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon in his left arm. Yes, the same goddamn injury that threatened his career last season, except this time it's in his other arm. Gio was so distressed that he cried upon hearing the diagnosis. Carey Price suffered what is believed to be a groin injury late in Game 4 and is questionable for Game 5. Brandon Prust and Ryan White will also miss Thursday's tilt. We're going to need duct tape, Bengay, some Mighty Putty, and the hockey gods to smile upon us if we have any hope of winning this series. On the positive side of the ledger, Lars Eller skated individually today.
  • Christopher Boucher has Montreal's risk/reward rankings (a statistic that measures successful plays to unsuccessful plays) for the regular season and Games 1-4 of the first round. By this measure, Alex Galchenyuk has improved every game of the postseason. Also noteworthy is that the two best performances of the series by risk/reward have been by P.K. Subban and Ryan White in Game 2.
  • Justin Bourne feels that Mika Zibanejad did not kick the puck into the net on Ottawa's first goal in the heartbreaking Game 4. However, he does feel that the video evidence is probably not conclusive enough to overturn a call on the ice and that on a different night the goal could very well have been waived off.
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