Game Thread - Boston Bruins vs Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins face elimination tonight in Boston. Will they go out with a whimper?

Remember how people have been pumping the Pittsburgh Penguins all season long as the best team in the East? Remember how this site has been saying all along that they've been riding the luck wave and the Bruins were way, way better? Yeah, this time is sucks to be right.

The Bruins have manhandled the Penguins thus far, as the Penguins have finally been struggling to find the back of the net after a whole season of extremely high shooting percentages.

That their regression would come against the Bruins of all teams, is the biggest piss off since the Habs were eliminated.

Maybe though, the Penguins have enough gas in the tank to extend this series and cause some wear and tear on the always healthy Bruins. God they're annoying.

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