Game of the Night: Predators @ Red Wings

With the Habs out, EOTP has decided to do a couple 'Game of the Night' threads so people can comment on the goings on. Feel free to comment on other games here as well, but the game I'll be watching tonight is Game 4 between the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings.

To get pumped up for the game, while having a skate at the Bell Centre on Sunday my wife decided to "Weber" me:


As we all know, Shea Weber wasn't suspended for the incident with Henrik Zetterberg, so I doubt my wife is set to face disciplinary action. I doubt the NHL could prove intent anyway because she seems so happy there, it must have been an accident.

The EOTP crew will also be recording the season review podcast tonight, so look for that in the next couple of days.

You can watch the game on's stream if you'd like, and be sure to check out the SB Nation blogs for the Predators (On The Forecheck) and the Red Wings (Winging It In Motown).

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