Game number 33: Nearly 15 years after the trade of No. 33

Both the Colorado Avalanche and the Montreal Canadiens are facing off in their 33rd game of the season.

Coincidence that it comes a little over 15 years after "The Trade"?

With that, here's a few video clips to tie you over.

We all pretty much know waht happended on that night of December 2, 1995, so I won't replay that video again.

I did come across an interview with TSN's Paul Romanuk, just after the deal went down.

He would would go on to win two Stanley Cups in Colorado, and gave us perhaps one of the best quotes in hockey  history.

He certainly made the Colorado/Detroit playoff series rather entertaining as well...

Roy eventually made his return to the Habs fold, having his number 33 jersey retired in November of 2008. You can see the ceremony in three parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. It still kills me that the Leafs chose to honor Wendel Clark on the same night.

He returned the follwing year, in full equipment, as part of the 2009 Centennial celebration.

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