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Max Pacioretty likes to stick his tongue out

Habs left winger Max Pacioretty has an odd habit that seems to show up in almost every picture of him. He likes to stick out his tongue... constantly.

Max Pacioretty is a prolific goal scorer for the Montreal Canadiens, who after 3 years of 30 goal paces is now looking to take the next step, on pace for over 40 goals. He does have one thing that a lot of folks can't seem to get over though, and that's the problem of finding a picture of him during a game where his tongue isn't sticking out.

I've noticed a lot of people complain about this in the comments section here, so I went out to see how often this is actually the case by trolling through Getty Images in order to create a gallery of Pacioretty with his tongue out.

I swear on all that you believe in that every single one of these pictures is from this season only, and this is only from Getty Images. If I were to look into our USA Today Sports account, I'd probably double this or more.

All credit for the photos goes to Getty Images of course.