Friday Habs Headlines: Only one scout believed in Brendan Gallagher’s NHL potential

Here are your daily headlines, including how 29 teams ignored Brendan Gallagher, less line juggling from the coach, and more

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes:

  • Brendan Gallagher’s road to the NHL is an interesting one, especially since only one scout thought he was worth a look, despite his fantastic production. [RDS]
  • Following the tragedy that befell his ex-wife, Andrei Markov spent the bye week heading overseas as to bring his twins home to Canada. [Instagram]
  • I joined Sam Blazer from to discuss the current hectic situation of the Canadiens, and whether or not it’s Stanley Cup or bust. (It is). [Watch the Game Podcast]
  • Here’s what Claude Julien's teams do well, and the biggest challenge he faces in Montreal [Vice]
  • Carey Price took advantage of the bye week by hitting the ice for a little fishing. [Woodoo Fishing]/
  • In case you missed it, we took a closer look at whether or not Matt Duchene really is significantly better than Galchenyuk, and if a trade is feasible. [EOTP]
  • As you may have already heard, Boom Boom was rightfully placed on the NHL Greatest All-Time list. /
  • Approximately every single scout was in attendance for last night’s Sabres-Avalanche game, including Larry Carriere and Rick Dudley from the Habs. It definitely means something is going to happen soon. Probably. Possible. Maybe. Perhaps not. [Twitter]
  • Ray Ferraro thinks we’ll see a sharp decrease in blender use behind the bench now that Julien is in town./
  • From the archives: Take a look at Claude Julien’s very first interview with Canadiens magazine, way back in 2003. [Canadiens]/

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Down Goes Brown takes a look at 10 trades involving draft picks that ended up yielding a superstar [SN]
  • In case you missed it, some guy named Sidney Crosby reached 1000 points last night, but the real honour belongs to former Hab Lyle Odelein./
  • Brandon Crowley stole Dylan Strome’s stick, so Strome picked up the Crowley’s stick from the ice and scored with it. Not bad at all!/
  • What do the Hawks have to offer other teams at the deadline? [SCH]
  • If the Senators trade Curtis Lazar, he is likely to fetch a similar struggling player. [S7]/

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