Gallagher and Marchand are little balls of hate, save TSN 690 again

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Canadiens hockey and the Montreal-Boston rivalry - Grantland
The tradition of Habs hockey, and the storied Montreal-Boston rivalry.

Little Ball of Hab: Rookie Brendan Gallagher brings physical edge to Montreal | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Puck Daddy: UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- When describing Montreal Canadiens rookie Brendan Gallagher, Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette hits it perfectly: "Looks like an angel, plays like the devil."

NHL veteran Dominic Moore opens up about his wife, their life and her death - The Globe and Mail
He quit professional hockey to support her in her fierce battle with cancer. Now he wants to tell the world about the woman he loved and lost.

30 Thoughts: Ryan O'Reilly pursuit still a hot topic | Hockey | CBC Sports
Certainly, Calgary earned the wrath of its brethren when it comes to Ryan O'Reilly. But this isn't a case of one team screwing up when everyone else knew situation. Otherwise, it would have come out sooner.

The problem with online freelance journalism | Felix Salmon
Nate Thayer caused quite a stir in the Twittersphere this morning when he published the email correspondence between himself and Olga Khazan, an editor at the Atlantic.

"Save TSN 690″ brought to you by the company that wanted to kill it | Montreal Gazette
Are we supposed to believe Bell now all of a sudden cares about TSN 690, when it seemed eager to throw it under the bus a few months ago?

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Zeitgeist: After Dispute with Landlord, Islanders To Move Back in with Parents - Lighthouse Hockey
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Week 6 Playoff Probabilities - Fear The Fin
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Chris Pronger injury: Flyers defenseman says he's lost his 'sixth sense' - Broad Street Hockey
In his first big sitdown interview since his career effectively ended, Chris Pronger says he's lost the "sixth sense" that made him a Hall of Fame-caliber defenseman.

A trip to the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, where everybody trolls the Flyers - Broad Street Hockey
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