Friday Morning Warmup - Your favourite Habs/Leafs memory

We're 8 days away from the first game of the 2013 season, and since we'll be facing off against the Leafs, we figured it's time to stoke the fires of whatever rivalry is there.

For a long time the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens had one of the biggest rivalries in the NHL, but since the fall of the Leafs organization in the late 1960's, the two teams have never been good at the same time. The Canadiens dominated the 70's and remained excellent in the 80's while Harold Ballard destroyed the Leafs, and while Houle was doing the same to the Canadiens in the mid-90's Toronto was on the rise.

Post lockout, It was the Canadiens who were regular playoff contenders, with the Leafs being the only team who never made the playoffs a single time under the previous CBA. Last year of course, they were both terrible.

Both teams are looking for huge improvements this year, and as of Wednesday both teams have new general managers.

Will we actually get 5 great games out of this season series? Or will it be blah like the seasons prior?

Will we have a moment as great as this?:

What's your favourite memory between the Habs and Leafs?

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