Friday Morning Warmup - 65.4%

There's been a lot of negativity surrounding the Montreal Canadiens in the last week, but it's important that we keep some perspective.

What is 65.4%? It's the point percentage of the Montreal Canadiens after 13 games this season. You can call it winning percentage if you'd like, but really it's just the percentage of possibly points the Canadiens could have accrued this year.

65.4% would put the Canadiens on pace for a 107 point season over 82 games. The Bruins won the Northeast last year with 102 points.

I'm not saying that the Habs are going to continue this pace all season, but it's important for us to keep perspective on exactly how well this team has played to start the year. Only the Bruins and Devils have a better point percentage in the Eastern conference.

Even with that streak that had us all pulling our hair out, this team is looking very good.

A win over Philadelphia on Saturday would put the Habs within striking distance of Eastern Conference lead, and you have to think that Boston is due to lose a couple. They've been good, but not 8-1-2 good.

The win last night put the Maple Leafs and Senators behind the Habs, and Montreal has a game in hand on both of them. Maybe we should stop complaining?

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