Canadiens players read mean tweets


Turns out Alexei Emelin doesn't appreciate being called slow. Oops.

Plekanec answers fan questions


Who wouldn't want to ask Tomas Plekanec some questions? He'll be taking fan questions live right away.

Jiri Sekac scores his first NHL goal, his dad goes nuts celebrating


First NHL goals are always great, but when the players' parents are in the building? That's something special.

Desharnais splits the D and sets up Pacioretty for a PP goal


It was bound to happen eventually, and this play from Desharnais is simply spectacular work. It's one thing to split the D on the powerplay, but when one of them is Chara it's even better.

Ken Dryden passes the torch to Carey Price


Goosebumps? Hell yeah we've got goosebumps.

Jay Baruchel spies on Weise, Galchenyuk, Desharnais in Club 1909 ad


The creepiness of Jay Baruchel knows no bounds, as he continues to sneak his way into the Habs' lives. Join Club 1909 here.

Emelin will play tonight, Beaulieu out


Alexei Emelin missed the last two games, but he'll be on the ice tonight as the Habs face the Bruins. Nathan Beaulieu will sit out.

Jay Baruchel makes Max Pacioretty a smoothie in Club 1909 ad


Gotta say, Max doesn't seem too appreciate of Jay doing him a favour here. You can join Club 1909 here.

Jay Baruchel and Carey Price star in an intensely creepy, amazing Club 1909 ad


I can confirm that this is exactly how creepy Jay Baruchel is in real life. Okay not so much, he's the nicest dude in the world, but this was laugh out loud funny.

Boom Boom Geoffrion's unbelievable stick fight with Ron Murphy


Hockey used to be a very different game. See the gif here if the embedded version doesn't work. This absurd stick swinging incident only cost Geoffrion 8 games back in 1953, in today's game he'd probably be arrested for such a violent act. Stick tap to r/hockey for giffing this.