FanPulse Results: A majority of Canadiens fans are confident in the direction of the team

Despite the club’s struggles in recent years, many still have faith in the future, though a significant percentage are fed up.

Now that the FanPulse project is up and running across the SB Nation NHL network (signups are always open), we can begin to focus on the individual teams. After starting off with general questions about how the 31 clubs were faring, this week we look specifically at the Montreal Canadiens.

Leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline, all 31 fanbases were asked about how they view the direction of the team. Fans of franchises with post-season berths virtually assured are understandably content with their team’s path, but the picture is a bit foggier for others, like the Canadiens, who probably won’t make it.

Despite facing the likely possibility of missing the playoffs for a third consecutive year, over half of those polled still have faith that the current plan will eventually lead to success. Having some strong young players already in the lineup probably keeps the outlook high despite the multi-year slump. A prospect pool with several exciting players certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

The 45% or so who voted “nay” are perhaps less sure about those young players in the system, or maybe solely concerned with what the organization is able to achieve at the NHL level — which hasn’t been much for some time.

The deadline could give us an answer to whether the team is going to try to move forward with the majority of the current core intact or sell off a few assets to try to grow the number of quality young prospects even further. We’ll find out next week how confidence levels change as rumours continue to fly regarding the changes to be made.

Which factors swayed your decision in the vote? Make your case below.

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