Fancy Stat Summer School - Quiz #1

What? No one said there would be tests! Don't worry, there's no marks.

Periodically through this little project I figured that it would be smart to toss up a couple of questions to see if everyone is grasping things. The purpose of doing this is because we often use things like infographics to relay the performance of a player.

One of the ways we do this is creating 10 game rolling averages for statistics such as Fenwick or Corsi for both the player, and the team while the player is off the ice, as well as a 10 game rolling average for the player's Zone Starts. What this does is allow us to gauge a player's performance through the year without the noise of a single game creating an erratic pattern. I've used this type of graph many times before, but hopefully with what we've learned so far, we can make sure everyone is grabbing the most information out of it that they possibly can.

Using the following graph we'll craft a couple of questions:


[click for high resolution]

  1. What does the space between the blue and green represent?
  2. Do you think this player performed well during the season?
  3. What information does the red line give us about the blue line?
  4. At what point on the graph do you believe the player in question was at their peak?

Remember that this is just for fun and it doesn't really matter what you answer, there isn't going to be any judgement.

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