Eyes on the Prize files a grievance with SB Nation over Stanley Cup of Chowder

Over the last couple days, it's become apparent that Stanley Cup of Chowder has been attempting to circumvent the SB Nation collective bargaining agreement. EOTP feels it's time to end this tomfoolery.

After some cooperation between Montreal Canadiens site Eyes on the Prize and Boston Bruins site Stanley Cup of Chowder involving Laura/theactivestick and Heather/lilybraden, SCOC commenters, editors, and even formerly well respected manager of the site, Sarah Connors, suggested that the Bruins site should send an offer sheet to Laura in an attempt to steal her writing skill.

In fact, it got so loud over there, that word had to be sent out from the official EOTP twitter account to handle the situation.

The response from Cup of Chowder was to engage in even more tampering:

When Laura was signed to a contract by EOTP right before the end of the lockout, contract details were not released, as per club policy. However at the very least the Cup of Chowder denizens should know that after signing a deal, the first point at which theactivestick would be subject to offersheets is after July 1st. To tamper with her now is clearly against the rules.

As managing editor of EOTP, I felt it was best to be lenient at first. We all know that Bruins fans aren't used to rules being enforced. But after repeated tampering attempts, I felt it was time to send an official grievance over to SB Nation's NHL league manager Travis Hughes.

When reached for comment, the Dark Lord of SBN - NHL said the following:

"I suppose I'll file this, although I can't guarantee anything will be done. Honestly, as a Flyers fan, I kind of hope you all destroy each other. Especially since we have to count on Tom Sestito for goals this year. Holy crap the Flyers are terrible."

Although EOTP attempted to protect Laura from commenting on the issue to make sure her writing confidence isn't shaken by the uncertainty created by SCOC, she did offer one comment when asked about the possibility of writing for a Bruins blog:

"Ewwww... No."

Hopefully this nonsense will be nipped in the bud after going through official channels. There was talk of a compensatory pick of the litter of SCOC writers should anything end up happening with theactivestick, but EOTP shot that idea down, believing no writer there to be her equal, mainly due to them being Bruins fans.

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