Make your submission in the EOTP Bracket Challenge

Pick the winners all the way through the playoffs to earn bragging rights and a special prize from EOTP.

The Montreal Canadiens will not be participating in the playoffs, but the first round is about to get under way, and there's a chance to enjoy all of the eight-series excitement with none of the stress for Habs fans.

You can root for the underdog, hope each game of the series between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins finishes with a 9-8 score, or pick one team from the outset and follow their quest for a Stanley Cup.

As a member of EOTP, you can join our public league to take on the NHL Bracket Challenge. To make things interesting, the winner will receive an individual vote in this summer's Top 25 Under 25. To be eligible for that prize, you will need to submit your ballot under your EOTP username.

Simply visit our “Eyes On The Prize” league, enter your choices for round winners using your EOTP username, and see if you can predict the outcome of the 16-team NHL post-season!

Bracket Challenge — Eyes On The Prize

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