Apply to become an Eyes On The Prize community moderator

We have two positions available for those who want to help us maintain our community guidelines.

Eyes On The Prize is a website dedicated not only to the Montreal Canadiens and their affiliates, but also a place that welcomes discussion about topics concerning those teams and around the world of hockey. We encourage debate, and believe it helps set our community apart from other forums.

There are limits to what is permissible in our comments, and the rules are outlined in the Member Agreement & Community Guidelines that each new member must agree to adhere to when becoming an active member of our community.

EOTP Membership Agreement & Community Guidelines.pdf

While we do our best to make sure these rules are enforced, we aren’t always able to deal with all issues that occasionally come about in a timely fashion, with comments that go over the lines set in our guidelines, debates that turn to ad hominem arguments, and attempts at humour that offend members and discourage them from participating sometimes being left up for longer than they should.

The best thing you can do when encountering such a comment is to flag it, and tell us why you felt the need to do so. We have investigated every comment given a flag in the last several months, taking the action we deem appropriate, though again this can take some time.

To help us out on this front, we will be adding two members to our team to act as community moderators. The task for these people will be to enforce the rules outlined in the community guidelines linked above by:

  • setting the example by being an active member in our comments section, engaging members with intelligent, respectful discourse throughout the day;
  • explaining why comments crossed a line if a simple reply can help correct an offensive viewpoint;
  • removing those comments that are too offensive to stay in the conversation;
  • using our moderation tools to send private messages to those whose comments are deleted to explain how they violated the guidelines;
  • using our moderation tools to send warnings for more egregious violations of the rules;
  • working with the site editors to discuss potential bans from the site, which we consider a last resort and take the matter seriously, and;
  • providing a daily report of the moderation activity you undertook so we are aware of any pervasive issues creeping into our discussion./

These are compensated positions, and will pay $50 USD per month.

This moderation plan is not meant to serve as a substitute for writers and editors engaging the community, but rather a complement to the discussions we will continue with this new strategy.

To be eligible for the position, you must be a member of the community with no previous warnings on your account profile (we do have a history of this), and have had no comments deleted within the last year for having violated our guidelines.

To apply, send your application to, with “Moderator application“ as the subject line, that includes your EOTP username, explains what you hope to bring to the community in your new role, and why you are one of the best candidates for the job.

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