Exclusive pictures of Carey Price with his new equipment

The NHL's MVP took part in a photo shoot to show off his new setup

Carey Price and CCM introduced their new line of goalie equipment, which goes by the name of Eflex 2. Price, who dominated the NHL awards last season, will be sporting the new setup this season.

From the CCM website:

"The interior of the pad has been re-engineered to offer more flexibility in every direction, allowing for better overall flex, leg, and ankle movement with every push and butterfly stretch. The pad has the ability to flex in the boot area, load energy, and kick back to help give the maximum transfer with every power push."

Of course, if there's one goalie in the NHL that doesn't need any help, it's Price, but we all know that the best athletes seek out every advantage they can get.

Here are some pictures of Price in his new stylized gear, courtesy of CCM.

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