Examining Corsi Percentage (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for this morning.

Tyler Dellow makes an important distinction about Corsi percentage (Pucks Directed For / (Pucks Directed For + Pucks Directed Against)) worthy of top billing in today's links. Dellow notes, using Ben Eager as a test case, that Corsi% measures what a player's team did when he was on the ice rather than his individual possession ability. In other words, you can't automatically ascribe possession skills to a player based on his Corsi numbers. As a person that finds statistical hockey analysis fascinating, but has trouble applying data for himself, I found Dellow's point pretty illuminating. Check out the full article for musings on the appropriate application of Corsi%.

Once you're done there, I have a whole crop of links for your eyeballs to embrace. Enjoy!

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EOTP News and Archive Material
  • Here are highlights and the full shootout from Montreal's March 27th come-from-behind victory over the Boston Bruins. No commentary is necessary, just bask in the beauty of Bruin sadness.
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