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NHL.com has "gathered 10 writers and television personalities" to rank the top eight players, coaches, and managers in various categories in their "8 Debate" series. This week, the site's head coach rankings have been released. IIHF Triple Crown Club member (winner of a Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold, and an IIHF World Championship) Mike Babcock has been named as the best coach in the NHL today. In light of Chris' research on Fenwick from the last five years, which showed the Wings, especially the 07/08 edition of the team, to be unholy possession terrors, it's hard to argue with the selection. That being said, I feel as if Ken Hitchcock did not get his just deserts in the polling. In spite of possession stats above .500 with the Columbus Blue Jackets in three seasons and posting fantastic possession numbers with the Blues last year, the current coach in St. Louis only placed in the top 3 on one of the eight lists. I feel that he's worthy of more recognition, what do you guys think? While you let that question marinate in your minds, here are some fine hockey links to keep you occupied.

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