Evening Habs Links

So what are all you Habs fans doing, come April 8th? Who's your "B team" in the NHL playoffs?

Last night's 3-0 to the Dallas Stars was too depressing to write about, so I just walked away from it. Didn't help that my NHLGamecenter feed was acting rather enigmatically, much like Andrei Kostitsyn has over the last 2-3 years.

The Canadiens playoff chances were already toast anyways. No team had come from six points back of 8th place this late in the season. It's now at seven points with the Leafs squeaking out a single in an overtime loss to the Devils last night.

No trade talk yet out of Montreal, but it's only matter of time. That whole rumor chatter of Antoine Vermette coming to Montreal can now end, with the Blue Jackets forward on his way to the Phoenix Coyotes.

Habsworld looks at trade value in Montreal. Andrei Kostitsyn may be worth a bit more, with Tuomo Ruutu getting an extension with the Hurricanes. Let's see how PG handles this one.

Sheldon Kennedy goes to Parliament Hill.

Not sure he deserves the attention, but on a related note.

Chris Boucher looks at Max Pacioretty

Leigh Anne Power on the next generation of Geoffrions

The Pkists suggest the Habs take advice from George Costanza

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