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The Canadian Women’s Hockey League to cease operations on May 1

The league announces the business model was unsustainable, and will not continue.

Shanna Martin / Eyes on the Prize

The CWHL has announced that it will cease operations on May 1 in a press release.

The league’s season ended a week ago when the Calgary Inferno beat Les Canadiennes at the Coca Cola Coliseum. The game was watched on Sportsnet and TVA Sports by 175,000 people in Canada. It was also broadcast on the NHL Network in the United States.

“New management, led by Jayna Hefford, and the new Board, put in place in Summer & Fall 2018 respectively, have proactively worked with our contract staff, players, GM’s, industry partners and corporate sponsors to establish an adequate revenue base, good governance, and high-quality hockey on the ice. Unfortunately the business model that has been the foundation of the League is not sustainable financially,” the press release said.

There is no update as to what this means for Les Canadiennes going forward. The CWHLPA has requested that players be given privacy.