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2016 CWHL All-Star Game In Pictures

There are only so many pictures you can fit in an article, so we decided to share some of our favourites. All photos by Shanna Martin

There's only so much words can convey. There were so many great moments in this game, and a lot of them were captured by our lens...

The CWHL All-Star Game ended in a 5-1 victory for Team Black, captained by Julie Chu of Les Canadiennes.

The game was played in front of 6,800 people at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Original estimates had the number at just over 5,000 but it was changed the day after the game.

The players wanted to have fun and you also could see a competitive edge. Whether it was a steely-eye during the anthems, a smile between whistles or the concentration in the heat of the moment, the All-Star Game had it all.

Les Canadiennes had nine players in the All-Star Game including captain Julie Chu and MVP Marie-Philip Poulin.

It was the second edition of the game and the first edition that required fans to pay for tickets as last year's game was free.