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Who goes first?: A CWHL Mock All-Star Draft

With the CWHL All-Star Draft going tonight at the Hilton Toronto, we take a stab at picking the two rosters


Trying to impersonate Julie Chu or Natalie Spooner on the ice? No chance. But luckily, picking players is something we could try and do. Now, this Mock Draft isn't an exact science. In reality, the captains will only pick their starting lineup. The rest of the draft will be done via a pick-up hockey stick toss, done at random.

Each team will have two goalies, six defenders and nine forwards. Julie Chu is a defender and Natalie Spooner is a forward.

Robyn picked for Team Spooner and had the second and third picks in the draft. Jared picked for Team Chu and had the first and fourth.

So let's get things going (full rosters with statistics will be below):

Team Chu (Jared): Much like last year when the two co-founders were taken with the first two picks, I'm going to go with someone who has done so much for the game and make Hayley Wickenheiser, F, Calgary the first pick of the 2016 CWHL All Star Game Draft

Team Spooner (Robyn): Nice choice. I’m going to go with Marie-Philip Poulin, F, Montreal in case we need a game winning goal ;)

And third overall, Emily Fulton, F, Toronto

Jared: With my next picks I will go with Jamie Lee Rattray, F, Brampton and Caroline Ouellette, F, Montreal

Robyn: Ooh, that hurt. And splitting up linemates!

Jared: That's the best part of this draft. And, luckily there's more talent to come.

Robyn: My next picks: Sena Suzuki, D, Toronto and Tara Watchorn, D, Boston

Jared: Oof. Wasn't expecting both to go...

Jared: I'll continue with defence with Laura Fortino, D, Brampton and I'll take the first goaltender: Charline Labonté, G, Montreal

Robyn: Oh we're going goalies now are we? The gloves are off. I'm going Christina Kessler, G, Toronto and Brianne Jenner, F, Calgary

Jared: My next two picks: Sarah Edney, D, Brampton and Ann-Sophie Bettez, F, Montreal

Robyn: Michelle Bonello, D, Toronto and Jess Jones, F, Brampton

Jared: Elana Lovell, F, Calgary and Kelly Terry, F, Toronto

Robyn: Cathy Chartrand, D, Montreal and Kim Deschênes, F, Montreal

Jared: I'll keep the Canadiennes run going with Lauriane Rougeau, D, Montreal and Geneviève Lacasse, G, Boston

Robyn: Delayne Brian, G, Calgary and Candice Styles, F, Brampton

Jared: Courtney Birchard, D, Brampton and Jillian Saulnier, F, Calgary

Robyn: Jocelyne Larocque, D, Brampton and Katia Clement-Heydra, F, Montreal

Jared: I'll go with Jessica Campbell, F, Calgary for leadership. I now have both of last year's All-Star Game captains. And my last D, Dru Burns, D, Boston

Robyn: Jacquie Pierri, D, Calgary and Brittany Esposito, F, Calgary

Jared: That means my last forward is Boston's first round pick from this year's draft, Kristina Brown, F, Boston

Here are the full rosters:

Team Spooner (Robyn)

Christina Kessler TOR 16 3-11-1 3.30 .905
Delayne Brian CGY 14 10-1-1 2.86 .892

Sena Suzuki D TOR 18 1 5 6
Tara Watchorn D BOS 19 2 4 6
Michelle Bonello D TOR 20 0 2 2
Cathy Chartrand D MTL 16 1 11 12
Jocelyne Larocque D BRA 18 2 3 5
Jacquie Pierri D CGY 18 0 1 1
Natalie Spooner F TOR 18 16 9 25
Marie-Philip Poulin F MTL 14 13 13 26
Emily Fulton F TOR 18 4 7 11
Brianne Jenner F CGY 18 8 15 23
Jess Jones F BRA 18 12 6 18
Kim Deschênes F MTL 16 9 12 21
Candice Styles F BRA 18 6 8 14
Katia Clement-Heydra F MTL 16 5 9 14
Brittany Esposito F CGY 18 6 12 18

Team Chu (Jared)

Charline Labonté MTL 12 10-1-0 1.27 .931
Geneviève Lacasse BOS 20 1-19-0 4.34 .915

Julie Chu D MTL 10 2 6 8
Laura Fortino D BRA 18 6 15 21
Sarah Edney D BRA 18 3 4 7
Lauriane Rougeau D MTL 14 1 6 7
Courtney Birchard D BRA 18 2 13 15
Dru Burns D BOS 17 0 2 2
Hayley Wickenheiser F CGY 17 3 9 12
Jamie Lee Rattray F BRA 16 10 10 20
Caroline Ouellette F MTL 16 8 9 17
Ann-Sophie Bettez F MTL 16 13 12 25
Elana Lovell F CGY 18 13 9 22
Kelly Terry F TOR 12 2 4 6
Jill Saulnier F CGY 16 11 7 18
Jessica Campbell F CGY 16 10 10 20
Kristina Brown F BOS 18 2 0 2

So, who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments.