Conference call highlights: Galchenyuk happy with his new deal

Highlights from the conference call with the Canadiens forward

Alex Galchenyuk held a short conference call facilitated by the Montreal Canadiens to discuss his new three-year contract. Here are a few notable quotes from the call:

Speaking on Drouin’s arrival to the team, Galchenyuk was excited about the addition of the skilled forward.

Overall he is happy with his deal, as he feels that he is in the right place to place in the present, and sets him up well for the future at the end of the deal.

As for all the trade rumours that were circulating on social media, he mentioned that it was hard to ignore them, but that he tries to focus his energy on things he can control.

After 10 minutes there were no further questions from the media, leaving the conference call to an unusual abrupt finish. Let’s hope that Galchenyuk didn’t have to cancel any major plans for this media availability.

Galchenyuk signed the contract yesterday.

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