Eyes On The Prize Community Guidelines

In order to remain a member of the site and participate in discussions with fellow fans of the Montreal Canadiens, some guidelines must be adhered to.

Some profanity is fine, but not if it's directed at a fellow commenter, and not if it becomes excessive. Personally attacking the authors or readers will not be tolerated, and anyone who crosses this line will be subject to a ban or suspension. Please reply the same way you would want people to reply to your comments. It's perfectly fine to challenge an idea or theory, but comments should be aimed at what was written, not who wrote it.

In addition to personal attacks, no racism, sexism (including calling an NHL player a woman’s name as a misguided attempt at an insult), homophobia, or discrimination based on religion are allowed. This is an all-inclusive website, and hate speech will not be tolerated.

Discussion of unsubstantiated rumours regarding players’ personal lives will not be permitted, and will be subject to a warning. Talking about a personal subject a player has broached on their own will be allowed so long as the discourse is civil and respectful.

Links to illegal content are not permitted, including any unofficial streams for games.

If you see a comment that you believe violates these rules, please don't hesitate to flag it to help us deal with it in the appropriate manner.

For most offences, a warning will be sent stating what line you crossed, giving you a second chance to be a voice within our community. However, we reserve the right to make an outright ban for a flurry of offences or particularly egregious violations of our moderation rules.

If there's an issue with how we've handled a moderation issue, you can email us directly at habseyesontheprize@gmail.com. We will not engage in debates about our moderation decisions in the comments.