Charlie Lindgren’s Highlights of the Year: Highway robbery

A wide-open Jeremy Bracco thought he had an easy goal, until Lindgren’s glove intervened.

It was a trying season for Charlie Lindgren in the AHL this year. Expectations were sky-high after an All-Star season and playoff berth in St. John’s the previous season. Right out of the gate things looked promising, as he registered a shutout in his first game, and the Laval Rocket were among the best offensive teams in the AHL. Then injuries and call-ups decimated the lineup, and a struggling penalty kill faltered even more as the season wore on.

With all these factors combined, it’s no wonder that Lindgren (and his fellow goalies) were called upon to make massive, highlight-reel saves multiple times a game. There is perhaps no better example of this than Lindgren’s stunning glove save against the Toronto Marlies in an end-of-season matchup.

As the Marlies approach the net on a two-on-one rush, Brett Lernout attempts to take the passing lane away, but the puck still makes its way across the crease to Jeremy Bracco. Now Bracco has a wide-open net, and he’s no slouch when it comes to producing points in his AHL career. He lets the puck go, getting it high to make sure Lindgren can’t just get his pad over to stop the puck from going in. Lindgren flings himself across the crease, and (thanks to his right-handed catching style) is able to snare the shot out of mid-air and save a surefire goal from going in.

He had plenty of incredible stops in the AHL this year, but it’s hard to top this one based on the sheer athleticism displayed. To kick over and cover a wide-open net, and grab a perfectly placed shot in his from that range is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Saves like this should serve as a reminder to Habs fans that Carey Price isn’t the only supremely talented goalie in the Montreal organization right now.

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