Caption Contest - The Debut

Win an actual prize! Win this Caption Contest and take home 4 tickets to the Habs Red Vs. White intrasquad game at the Bell Center on September 14th.

Well, you know what they say: If you want people to like you, give things away for free.

While my looks and charm might suffice, I'm not taking any chances when it comes to the EOTP/SBN community so as an act of supreme generosity I'm giving away a four-pack of tickets to see the Habs play the Habs on September 14th at 1PM at the Bell Centre. You get four tickets, four bags of chips and four hot dogs too (if you want to invite friends you definitely don't have to tell them about the chips and hot dogs). The Habs are hosting this event for the Lac Megantic relief operation and all proceeds go to charity so you can get a warm and fuzzy feeling while you're watching your favorite team win and lose at the same time.

"What a deal!", "This is too good to be true!", "This HabsLaughs guy is awesome", are definitely real quotes that you're all saying right now and you are 100% right, I am awesome.

The way you can score the tickets (and ecoutrements) is by winning the first ever EOTP Caption Contest.

The rules are simple:

  1. Caption the picture below in the comments section.
  2. Only two captions per person.
  3. Best caption wins the prize.

Here's your picture, because how could it not be:


Happy captioning. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, September 5th.

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