Canadiens vs. Wild Top Six Minutes: When the Habs lose, they lose big

It was a night to forget in Minnesota

Bad game on Monday night at home, followed by domination in Winnipeg last night. Tonight, Carey Price will be in nets, facing a very hot goalie in Minnesota. Price admitted earlier this week that he has very high standards for himself, which might be translating to his “grumpiness.”

This one will be a battle of the goalies. The Canadiens’ road record has seen a vast improvement to the .500 we saw earlier this season. And Zach Redmond’s out of the doghouse! Should be interesting to watch his game. Let’s see who comes out on top.

First period:

  • A minute and a half in and no Habs goal yet. What a strange, unfamiliar feeling.
  • Oooooh Dubnyk came out dangerously far.
  • Minnesota goal. 1-0, bad guys.
  • Habs putting on some good pressure
  • Some good back and forth action, shots are even, Minnesota is winning 70% of faceoffs, sorry, looking for something to report
  • “The St. John’s Bunch” graphic. Question, how many of you are old enough to get that? Because I for sure am way too young!
  • First period more than half over. What a quiet building. And it looks pretty full.
  • Just checked the NHL page. The fellow who scored for Minnesota looks like he could be Artturi Lehkonen’s big brother.
  • Does this look like the Habs vs. the Habs to anyone else?
  • I love when John Bartlett says, “Sheeeea Weber”
  • I used to think his name was Jay Weber
  • All this hand-wringing over Price being merely human lately is a product of years of him being super human and credited with all of the Habs’ success.
  • First period over, still Minnesota 1, Montreal 0.
  • That took about 30 minutes total. Wow.
  • No penalties in that period!/

Second period:

  • I’ve said this before, but has anyone ever seen Boudreau, Julien and Trotz in the same place at the same time?
  • Flynn gets a lot of guff, and I’m not sure why. He’s good value.
  • So close, McCarron!
  • They showed Danault’s goal from last night again. Just magic.
  • Good play by Emelin to stymie a scoring chance
  • Ugh. Staal. 2-0 bad guys.
  • Oh. My goodness. It’s already 3-0 now. 39 seconds apart.
  • Habs are unable to put any play together
  • Andrighetto looking speedy, can’t be said about everyone
  • Still no penalties!
  • Now it’s Montreal’s turn to not let Minnesota set up
  • Oh brother. Why did I say anything? Penalty to Radulov.
  • A double minor?
  • Weber a major factor in killing off these four minutes.
  • 4-0, just as Radulov made it out of the box.
  • I’m not the type to give up, but it’s just not gonna happen tonight.
  • Still another 20 minutes to go. Does Price sit the third?/

Third period:

  • Price is out there!
  • Radulov trying everything out there
  • Changing my tack. I feel a shorty.
  • Weber block. The Weber block should get its own jersey.
  • 5-0. The look on Price’s face.
  • I’m not postulating anything.
  • It’s clear the Habs refuse to give up, oh, right as Weber slashes the guy whose name starts with N. Don’t blame him for that one.
  • It’s one thing to write PP, quite another to verbalize it, Sportsnet. I giggled.
  • Emelin is down.
  • I’m done, can we pack it in and go home?
  • Emelin is okay, even though it was in the face.
  • Clearly, that won’t be a penalty.
  • 6-0. Oh, and it’s the player’s first goal on the Canadiens, too.
  • “The last time Carey Price allowed six goals in a game you have to go all the way back to 2013!”
  • For a team winning 6-0, their crowd is hella quiet.
  • Off night, win some, lose some.
  • Yes, there’s still 12:12 to go.
  • No one’s taken a shift off, strangely. I mean, not strangely because I have yet to see that this season. Minnesota just completely, 100% has their number tonight.
  • They can put 100 goals past Price, but there’s no chance to win if the Habs can’t score even one.
  • (Please don’t put any more past Price)
  • Right now, all I care about is no more green guy goals.
  • The Habs are now way better in the faceoff situation, though.
  • Only 20 shots for the Wild? And 18 shots for the Habs. Why does it seem like 0?
  • 7-0. 5:34 left.
  • I do, though, sometimes stop to consider the other team’s fans. They’re all going to be glad to tell their grandchildren about that night the Wild scored seven goals on Carey Price during some January regular-season game.
  • Plekanec! Spoils the shut out! Three goals in the last three games.
  • Good night./

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