Canadiens vs. Stars Top Six Minutes: Habs shine brightest

The Habs are finally awarded the full two points.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining.


  • The Stars are in a wild card spot.
  • Big deal. So are the Habs. A wild, wild, very wild, crazy wild spot. /

First period

  • Ben Bishop is out with a knee injury? Guess all those drama queen moves finally caught up with him.
  • The Habs are taking their spoiler role seriously right out of the gate.
  • Good offense for the first half of the game. Yes, I mean for the Habs.
  • Prediction: A 26th Gally goal tonight. Why? ‘Cause he’s damn awesome, that’s why.
  • The Stars are done hanging out in their zone. Off to make Niemi earn his paycheque.
  • And he does. He is the February Molson Cup winner don’t ya know.
  • That is until Greg Pateryn breaks his 42 game goalless drought.
  • Wait. Still a goal but not for Pateryn. Sorry, Greg. I’m absurdly amused by this streak.
  • Lehkonen ties it up off the face off after a pretty pass by Chucky. Now we’re talking!
  • Lehkonen beats Lehtonen. Say that three times fast. /

Second period:

  • De la Rose is clipped by a high stick sending the Habs to a four-minute power play.
  • Drouin is determined to find the back of the net.
  • But Lehkonen steals his thunder, notching his second of the night and taking the lead.
  • Spitey little Faksa trips Hudon. In your face Faksa we’re off to the ever special five-on-three.
  • And there’s that 26th Gally goal I promised you!
  • Still on the power play and Galchenyuk gets called for “slashing” bringing us to a little four-on-four.
  • Three penalties for the Stars in three minutes as Seguin in next in line for the sin bin.
  • Whew! That was one power-play whirlwind. Let’s recap: The Stars are losing it and the Habs are picking it up and putting it in the net.
  • Alzner and Richie drop the gloves with less than two minutes left after a nasty hit from behind on Juulsen.
  • Hudon gets the extra penalty for roughing and Benn — not Jordie — makes it 3-2.
  • That whole sequence of calls was bull. /

Third period:

  • Heading into the final period we have: a Gally goal, 2 Lehkonen goals, 2 Chucky assists, 2 Drouin assists, and a 3-2 lead.
  • If Price was in net, I’d think I was dreaming.
  • Deslauirers goes on a clean hitting spree, nailing Dickinson then Pateryn. Dickinson doesn’t like Deslauirers’ antics so off come the gloves.
  • Shaw and Pateryn with a head on head collision and Shaw has to be carried off the ice.
  • I’m no doctor, but the extra hit Pateryn gave him while lying on the ice probably didn’t help.
  • Off to the power play. Take note Pateryn.
  • Habs power play is on fire! Scherbak immediately makes it 4-2, unassisted.
  • With 1:52 left, Lernout gets called for high sticking. Six-on-four. Are you freaking kidding me?
  • Froese is sent to the box. Six-on-three with one minute left.
  • It’s all you Niemi.
  • Two points! We got a full two points! /

Highlight of the night

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