Canadiens vs Sharks Top Six Minutes: The Tank is back on track

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

  • The trade deadline has come and gone, Devante Smith-Pelly was swapped for Stefan Matteau and for reasons that defy logic, Mike Brown was claimed on waivers.
  • Actually come to think of it, an NHL team wanting Mike Brown in 2016 probably defies the laws of time and space as well.
  • The Habs have been doing a terrible job of going after a top draft pick in the last couple weeks, winning 3 of their last 4 and gaining a point in their one loss in that stretch.
  • Well nothing like a trip to California to temper that whole winning hockey games habit.
First Period
  • PBP crew opens up by talking about a youth movement for the Habs. Therrien instinctively scowled at the notion being mentioned I'm sure.
  • Subban possibly hurt? Auston Matthews here we come.
  • He's fine, oh well.
  • Going to be a while before I see 24 and don't think it is Tinordi.
  • Can't be mad when Jumbo Joe scores. Who apparently is in a beard-off with Brent Burns. 1-0 San Jose.
  • PBP talks of Mike Brown "giving a little jam" which is code for "hits stuff because he can't do anything with the puck"
  • Brendan Gallagher scores from the corner, puck going in from right along the goal line. 1-1!
  • Martin Jones is not going to put that in his highlight reel.
  • Habs defence without Petry and Beaulieu is going to be an adventure. I mean more than it already was.
  • Every time Galchenyuk starts deking towards the net, it becomes a haunting reminder that Therrien thinks Desharnais is better at centre than he is.
  • Penalty to Bartley for tripping, giving Thornton even more room to move the puck is not the best move you can make in a hockey game.
  • Habs get the kill!
  • Condon saves Emelin from performing the Francis Bouillon special.
  • Graphic reminds us McCarron scored his first NHL point on Saturday. Of course with Brown on his line he'll be carrying a handicap from here on for more scoring.
  • PBP points out Morgan Ellis is with the team but not playing. BOOOOOOO
  • Saying you're addressing the needs of your team well by acquiring Polak and Spaling is like saying you're doing a good job fixing a leaking pipe with scotch tape.
  • Habs D had no idea what was happening until it was too late, Big Joe to Little Joe and it's 2-1 for San Jose.
  • Pacioretty just knocked over Braun like he was a novice player. That is not something you see often from the Captain.
  • Andrighetto and Galchenyuk do lots of cool stuff together.
  • Thornton's passing skill rating on NHL 16 has the infinity symbol.
  • Sharks lose Paul Martin for interference on Gallagher, I'm as shocked as you are that Gallagher drew a call.
  • Nothing doing with 16 seconds of power play time in the remainder of the period. Granted sometimes you wonder if they'd do anything with 16 minutes.
Second Period
  • One time i'd like a guy to do an interview and when asked about a teammate that was traded, just go for it "frankly I didn't care for him, told me he didn't like The Wire. Who doesn't like the Wire? Philistines that's who."
  • Almost a full power play for the Habs to start the 2nd, let's see what they do with it.
  • PING
  • That ring of the post by Barberio as close as they got, PP over.
  • In Montreal's defence, it is wise to let the Wookie win. 3-1 Sharks off a rocket from Burns.
  • At some point, Therrien is going to figure out DLR's line isn't up to shutting down Joe Thornton. It will be some time after the game has concluded though.
  • Galchenyuk and Andrighetto are close to being a very haunting duo for opposing teams. Oh yeah and that PK Subban guy is pretty good in the offensive zone as well.
  • It's fortunate the Habs only have to play the Sharks twice a year, this is not even close.
  • But they make it a bit closer! Mitchell swaps with DLR on the 3rd line and bats in a bouncing puck after Byron tips a Danault shot. 3-2 Sharks.
  • That's Danault's first point as a Hab as well.
  • The score is close, but it keeps feeling like the Sharks are going to put this out of reach.
  • Paul Martin takes out Melker Karlsson instead of Eller, oops.
  • Plekanec with the Habs best chance in the period, but Jones came out and stopped it. Argh.
  • And that's the end of the period.
  • Sportsnet graphic shows Jumbo Joe has scored 33 points since January 9th, more than anyone else in that span. Never underestimate the power of a beard.
Third Period
  • Despite being hammered all game, the Habs are still in it, will they tie it up?
  • oh... probably not. Karlsson bats one in, 4-2 San Jose.
  • The good news is the wider the gap in the score, the more PK will go "why the hell not" and do amazing things. At least we'll be entertained.
  • Emelin goes crashing into his own net and it does not look good for him. Not going to the room but wouldn't wager he shakes it off either.
  • Oh my... before you can even wonder who might get the Habs back into it, Nick Spaling picks up a rebound and taps it in. 5-2 San Jose.
  • Emelin back on the ice, cue the comeback!
  • Mike Condon is going to need to see a therapist for the abandonment issues the team is going to give him.
  • PBP mentioning how the stars of San Jose are too much for Montreal to handle, this happens when you don't line match and let SJS send them out against lines that are absurdly outmatched by them.
  • De La Rose goes off for tripping, not like San Jose needs the help at this point.
  • Habs having a .300 win percentage against the Western Conference sounds about right. I mean they could have written .200 and I'd have believed it.
  • Don't get how you watch any of this and think Price fixes everything.
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