Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: The Rise of Kotkaniemi

A great showing for many Habs players, and the Habs might have to consider giving Kotkaniemi a regular season look.

Pre-game Thoughts

  • This is going to be the Kotkaniemi show ahead of its time. /

First Period

  • It didn’t take much time for Tkachuk to make his mark on this game.
  • Drouin to Kotkaniemi. That sounds quite nice.
  • What a chance for Kotkaniemi. His ability to freeze the defence with his stickhandling and fakes is something else.
  • There is honestly not much besides the physical element that is lacking in the Kotkaniemi’s game compared to everyone else on the ice. He is good away from the puck and is starting to create with it. This is the guy I was watching in his draft year./

Second Period

  • Big smile from Kotkaniemi.
  • Good thing they gave the full game to Carey as a half-game would have him face about 3 shots.
  • Great looks from Drouin, Scherbak and, once again, Kotkaniemi on the PP. That is a lot of passing ability.
  • A lot might be underestimating it.
  • An odd goal for Scherbak, but it is deserved considering the dominant showing of the Habs. /

Third Period

  • It is getting obvious that Kotkaniemi will get an extended stay; at least the first few regular season games.
  • What a snipe from Paul Byron! /
  • Not his prettiest goal, but a first in a Habs uniform for Tomas Tatar.
  • Let’s hope Gallagher doesn’t keep feeling this blocked shot for a few weeks. /


  • Great offensive and defensive performance from the Habs.
  • And Kotkaniemi is named first star!/

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